Nick Saban, Making Friends Already

January 22, 2007 – 6:19 am by Ryan Phillips

New Alabama head coach Nick Saban has always come across as kind of a dick to me. He goes back on his word, makes his players cry and just seems to be pretty high on himself. So I was less than surprised when I read this article last night.

Apparently Saban has been making the rounds to the houses of several LSU recruits and trying to sell them on taking a visit to Alabama and eventually committing there. Two LSU commits, Phelon Jones (great name) and Luther Davis claim that when Saban visited he took credit for LSU’s recent success because he signed most of the players involved in the Tigers’ 22-4 run since he left. Both players declined to de-commit from LSU or take a visit to Alabama.

Jones’ father Tony had this to say about Saban: “Great guy, but he is a little bit overconfident.”

Davis’ quote is even more telling: “He was kind of mad that we turned down the visit and turned down the scholarship. He said that there is no way that the coaching staff at LSU can compare to the coaching staff we have at Alabama right now. He gave no credit to anyone.”

Nice Nick. No no, don’t be gracious at all, just take all the credit because your stank is still all over everything at LSU, go ahead. You didn’t hear Dave Wannstedt taking credit for all of your big wins when you were with the Dolphins … oh right, my bad.

Well Les Miles and his staff are wary of Saban as he dispateched assistant coaches to meet with the players and follow up on the Saban visits. Mike Scarborough of had this to say about the mindset of the LSU coaches: “It probably just makes them very motivated to out-recruit him. I think they also think it’s unbelievable some of the things he is saying about LSU.”

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  2. It sounds like Luther Davis actually did take a visit to Alabama this weekend. Numerous recruits have been quoted as having hung out with him there.

    The kid is a headcase and plays games with the media, so don’t believe anything out of his mouth in the press.

    By Anonymous on Jan 22, 2007

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