I Think It’s Fair To Say His Social Life Is Over

January 31, 2007 – 11:53 pm by Ryan Phillips

For all you avid Deadspin readers (and if you’re not an avid reader of Deadspin what are you doing with your life?) we have an update on a story the boys over there reported on earlier this week.

On Tuesday it was reported that at least 24 cases of Herpes had been confirmed among a group of high school wrestlers who had competed in a tournament in December. That forced the Minnesota State High School League to halt competition until at least Feb. 7.

So how did all those wrestlers contract Herpes? Well it turns out that a wrestler from Nebraska has been identified as the possible source of the outbreak. Apparently a wrestler from Valentine High school is suspected of being the culprit. Valentine and Omaha Skutt were the only Nebraska schools in the tournament, which featured 32 teams from 12 states.

Here’s a great quote from the article, “The type of herpes at issue is a ‘huge inconvenience’ for the afflicted.” Uh ya think?

It makes you wonder how they figured out that this guy was the source. Like did he have a public relationship with Paris Hilton a few months back or something?

*Thanks goes to our resident legal expert and friend of the site “Booter” for the tip on this one.

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