Texas Fans Are Classy

December 21, 2006 – 4:40 pm by Ryan Phillips

John Brantley has incurred the wrath of the Texas faithful and they are letting him know about it in the classiest way possible.

For those of you not knee-deep in the muck-filled cesspool that is the world of college recruiting, Brantley is a five-star quarterback, ranked as the #20 overall prospect in the country by scout.com. Brantley, an Ocala, Florida native recently de-committed from Texas and has decided to attend the University of Florida. He announced his intention to be a Longhorn in April but had been wavering on that commitment and in the end decided he wanted to play closer to home. And apparently his girlfriend goes to Florida as well.

As expected, the Texas faithful are not happy. Some die-hard Longhorns fans have littered Brantley’s myspace page with angry comments. We find their maturity (and their interesting take on grammar) refreshing. Here are some of the better messages on his wall right now:

-“What a punk. We gave Mallett a deadline because of you and your word. Where’s your integrity, man? Way to string us along for 6 months and then pull this crap. I wouldn’t show up for the All American game in SA this year. It won’t be a warm welcome for you. So, what are you going to do when you sit behind Tebow for 3 years and your girlfriend breaks up with you? Yeah, like the other guy said, don’t say your word is “solid as oak” when your lying. Also, take all the Longhorn stuff off your board. You’re not a horn.”

-“I just wanted to let you know that my younger brother, who attends UF and is a Sigma Chi, boned your girlfriend a couple of monhts ago.”

-“Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t shoot the messenger. It wasn’t like I boned her. Anyway, my little bro tends to exaggerate a lot. Relax. He probably didn’t get any further than second base.”

-“Also, take all the Longhorn stuff off your board. You’re not a horn.”

-“Way to go loser say one thing and then back out of it, what a man you are have fun sitting behind Tebow. There rumors flying around Austin that you decommited because of a girl, thats the worst mistake you could ever do. Good luck sitting behind Tebow. Oh by the way UT will be NC champions again before Florida will.”

-“Might want to remove the Longhorn background and all the pics of you sporting the Longhorn gear. “My Word is as solid as oak” right…”

OK Texas fans, relax. The kid decided he wanted to play closer to home. So the hell what? If you believed anything a 17-year-old kid said before signing day, that’s your fault. Give the kid a break, I’m sure de-committing wasn’t an easy thing to do.

To be fair, we do think his girlfriend is probably sleeping around on him. I mean if someone on myspace said it, it must be true. They don’t stand for liars and a-holes on that site.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Texas Fans Are Classy”

  2. Well at least they aren’t ignorantly homophobic, like this blog is. Your homophobia is very offensive.

    By Anonymous on Dec 23, 2006

  3. Leave it to a fag to get offended on a sports blog.

    By Anonymous on Dec 23, 2006

  4. How are we homophobic? That picture is funny but it doesn’t say there’s anything wrong with being gay. Please explain it to me.

    By Phillips on Dec 23, 2006

  5. Funny, UT fans have short memories. Last year, Jevan Snead orally committed to UF but backed out (seems he wanted to stay in Texas), Now Brantley backs out (whose father and uncle both starred at UF) and you guys are pissed.

    By GoneG8tor on Dec 27, 2006

  6. Look who’s talking about classy. Whoever placed that gay picture certainly isn’t classy. Obviously some punk yankee who can’t stand it when he gets his tail beat by a longhorn.

    By Anonymous on Dec 28, 2006

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