Scott Boras Must Be Stopped

December 12, 2006 – 8:55 am by Ryan Phillips

OK, so Scott Boras, he’s this super-agent – not like James Bond but just as deadly (if you’re a small-market team) – who reps a ton of top Major Leaguers. The good thing about the guy? He works hard for his clients and usually gets them great deals. The bad thing(s)? He’s a pompous ass, usually convinces his clients that moving on for more money is better than staying loyal to a franchise for less, often takes negotiations to the media in an attempt to turn public sentiment against the franchise he’s dealing with and he has completely lost touch with reality when it comes to money. Oh, and did I mention he’s an ass? I mean look at the first line of the guy’s Wikipedia entry, it reads as follows:

“Scott Boras is a well known f***bag and the main problem with professional sports and salaries.”

(UPDATE: Wikipedia has now edited that sentence out of the entry on Boras. It was there until late last night when we originally posted this and we really hope it gets changed back.)

Amen. Oh yeah, and guess who is representing Japanese pitching sensation Daisuke Matsuzaka in his negotiations with the Red Sox?

Here’s the latest gem from good old Scotty: he held a press conference at his office near LA yesterday to tell the world that “D-Mat” is worth well in excess of $100 million. He added that if his client doesn’t get an appropriate offer from Boston before the Wednesday night deadline, he will be satisfied pitching in Japan for another year and trying this whole process again next off season. Think the Red Sox are kinda pissed they ponied up $51.1 million just to talk to this guy’s jackass agent? Incidentally, if Boston is unsuccessful in their attempt to sign Matsuzaka, they will not have to pay that $51.1 million.

Boras claims that a 26-year-old free agent pitcher with his client’s talent would get $100 million on the open market and the Red Sox should treat him as such. So basically Boras is saying that in the end the Sox should have to spend $151.1 million to get Matsuzaka in Boston for Opening Day.

Uh Scott? You realize your client has never actually pitched in a Major League Baseball game before right? I’m sure he’s very talented, a great guy and maybe even a “national treasure” as you’ve referred to him, but the fact remains that he’s completely unproven. At this point Theo Epstein should tell you exactly where you can shove that ridiculous offer.

This is what an a-hole Boras is, after the first offer from Boston, he didn’t even make a counter-proposal. He just ignored them. So Epstein and Larry Lucchino had to fly out to LA and essentially set up shop on his door step.

So I think I have a solution. What we, as fans, should do is somehow convince the Sox not to take Matsuzaka, then they will recoup the $51.1 million they spent just to talk to him. Then next year when it’s time for teams to bid again, we convince the Pirates, Royals or Devil Rays to bid like $250 million for the guy, and then never negotiate with him. The time period will lapse, they’ll get their money back, he will be stuck in Japan and Boras will look like a horrible agent who didn’t get his guy what he wanted. I really think this is a great idea. Come on America get on board, we can do it.

Man, I’m a genius. Maybe I could be an evil super-agent too…

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