Rex Grossman Is Bad At Football

December 4, 2006 – 7:43 am by Ryan Phillips

The Chicago Bears clinched the NFC North yesterday after beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-13. The Bears look like the best team in the NFC – not that that’s saying much – but they’ve got a big problem. Their quarterback, Rex Grossman, continues to shock us with how bad he is.

Just check out Grossman’s line from yesterday’s game: 6/19, 34 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs. That’s for a whole game, not a half.
To further break it down, Rex only averaged 1.8 yards per attempt while leading the offense to 107 total yards on the day, only managed 6 first downs, and the Bears were only 2-11 on third down. Want the capper? Against the league’s 26th ranked pass defense, Grossman finished with a quarterback rating of 1.3 – no that’s not a typo.
1.3!!! That’s insane. You have to try to be that bad. And trust us, Grossman is trying his darndest to be the one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Here’s some more proof for you.
So far this season Rex has a qb rating of 72.0, good for 26th in the NFL. He has 18 touchdown passes, but his 17 INTs puts him behind only Ben Roethlisberger for the most in the league. After his performance yesterday, he’s tossed 10 INTs in the past five games. His completion percentage has now dipped to 54.2%, putting him at 29th in the league.
What’s the point of this post? Just to let those Bears fans out there know that they can’t win the Super Bowl with a member of the Keystone Cops playing quarterback. You can have an average guy back there but not someone who consistently makes mistakes and hurts his team. He throws off his back foot on at least half of his pass attempts and forces the ball into windows so small Verne Troyer would have trouble getting into them. Here’ the bottom line, Rex needs to get better fast or the Bears may be forced to re-start the Kyle Orton era. And believe me, no one wants to see that.
Yes I know Brian Griese is technically the backup quarterback but given the chance to start he’d probably get hurt tripping over his dog again.
Here are some pictures of a very drunk Kyle Orton to motivate you Bears fans to demand that Rexy starts actually trying.
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  1. 3 Responses to “Rex Grossman Is Bad At Football”

  2. I’d take Orton loaded over Rex right now… its just that getting sacked totally killed Orton’s buzz during games last year.

    By Abe Froman on Dec 4, 2006

  3. Only thing Grossman’s QB rating from yesterday is higher than is Orton’s average daily BAC level.

    By MilwaukeeBruin on Dec 4, 2006

  4. Remember, Grossman has been hurt so much he is basically a rookie. Much like the Giants and Eli Manning, I think the Bears are asking him to do too much. They should stop flinging the ball all over the field, play conservatively, and let their defense and special teams win games.

    By Anonymous on Dec 5, 2006

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