Paul Hornung Is Not Gracious, Young

December 20, 2006 – 11:28 pm by Ryan Phillips

Paul Hornung is a Hall of Famer and held one of the most coveted NFL records for over 46 years until this past Sunday when LaDainian Tomlinson broke it. Apparently the 70-year-old Mr. Hornung is not willing to part with his record, holding on to it tighter than a Social Security check. He told Jerry Magee of the San Diego Union Tribune, “You can’t compare what a player has done in 12 games to what players have done in 16.” The old codger continued, “If someone finishes with a greater average than mine, I’ll say ‘Fine he broke my record.'” Nice Paul, nice. A guy having one of the greatest season’s in NFL history has to hear about how you question the validity of him scoring 186 points in 14 games versus your 176 in 12 games. Hornung is also advocating having an asterisk next to the record, like the one put in place when Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single season home run record in 1961.

For those who don’t know, in 1960 when Hornung broke the record he totaled 176 points as a halfback/kicker, a position not too common in today’s NFL. Other things not common in today’s NFL are leather helmets, the single wing offense, running backs with one-bar face masks and the drop-kick.

Basically we’re pissed about this because the NFL has recognized it as a new record, so Mr. Hornung could have taken the opportunity to be gracious, he didn’t. He could have said something about how Tomlinson was the type of player he hoped would break the record because he plays the game the right way, blah, blah. Instead he made the story about himself by saying he still had a claim to the record. You don’t hear Hank Aaron yelling about how Barry Bonds shouldn’t break his record (even though he should be). Why is that? Because Aaron realizes that the game is bigger than his record and history will tell you whether or not the record is valid.

Oh and if you aren’t sold on joining the “Paul Hornung sucks” bandwagon we think it’s our duty to let you know he also played college ball for Notre Dame.

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  1. 14 Responses to “Paul Hornung Is Not Gracious, Young”

  2. paul hornung sucks

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  3. Hornung should just fade into the woodwork, a smile on his face, knowing he banged a future candidate for Wisc. Sec’y of State. Doubtless, LT-2 will never be able to say that.

    But, as it is, there’s also the matter of Hornung’s suspension for gambling — missed an whole season — so, in my eyes, his career is tainted, ever so slightly. Tomlinson, not yet. Though we know how Afro-American rbs with ties to SoCal do, after their playing days.

    By whykiki on Dec 21, 2006

  4. Keep your pants on, Hornung!

    By Lee "Baby" Sims on Dec 21, 2006

  5. Hornung is actually right. I’m more amazed he actually said it.

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  6. Paul Hornung is dumber than the black athletes that shun Notre Dame for institutions with more lax academic standards because of course with a smaller brain pan, negroes are not as capable of learning complex concepts as their smarter caucasian counterparts on the gridiron.

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  7. Actually, it doesn’t appear that the reporter interviewed Hornung at all since the article only contains 1 quote.

    Also, contrast this article with an interview Hornung gave last week about the issue:

    It has a totally different tone.

    My guess is that the San Diego reporter cherry-picked a single quote from a separate article and is trying to unfairly paint Hornung as an angry old man.

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  8. Hornung is just mad because he had the under in the over/under of total points LT would score in this season.

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  9. Paul Hornings of today play in Division II. In his prime PH couldn’t keep up with LT going to take a leak.

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  10. Hornung’s stats were inflated from being a damn KICKER. And didnt he only make like 50% of his field goal attempts?

    By Anonymous on Dec 21, 2006

  11. I saw LT on Cold Pizza and he gave credit to PH and said there was a difference. Good for him.

    By Anonymous on Dec 23, 2006

  12. How many points did LT score in 12? It is a question but LT does anything he wants on the field. He does not seem to care about a damn record.

    By Anonymous on Dec 26, 2006

  13. Comparing apples to apples and twelve games to twelve games, I’d say Paul Hornung has a viable argument. In four more games would he have been over 200 points? We’ll never know.

    By Anonymous on Jan 5, 2007

  14. I beg to differ with with you about your comments on drop kicks. Doug Flutie’s last play in the NFL was a drop kick extra point.

    By Anonymous on Feb 1, 2007

  15. The fact that 99.99% of public sentiment was critical of Hornung is a tribute to America’s inability to do simple arithmetic.

    Fuck you, Ryan Phillips. Fuck you, commenters. Fuck you, people who can’t do math.

    By Most of you are idiots on Dec 18, 2015

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