More Nuggets Of Wisdom From Lou Holtz

December 29, 2006 – 4:06 am by Ryan Phillips

So we’ve ranted about Lou Holtz before and truthfully, we could do it every week and never run out of material. We try not to harp on the same topics over and over, but thith week Holth has one-th again pushed us past our breaking point – I know, I know, going after his lisp is a cheap shot, but it’s fun.

In previewing the Rose Bowl match up between Michigan and USC, Holtz said the following: “In order for Mithigan to win this game, they must be better than UethC.” Really Lou? You think so? Well what does USC have to do to win? “The only way UethC can win is if they win.”

When asked whether USC or Michigan had more motivation in the Rose Bowl Holtz said, “USC because they lost the final game of the season to their arch rival.” Correct me if I’m wrong Lou but that Michigan-Ohio State game at the end of the season every year, um they take it pretty seriously up there in Ann Arbor. In fact, you might even call it a rivalry.

It just keeps getting better and better. Between the spitting, the lisping and the general lack of preparation for broadcasts he might be the worst analyst in the history of television. Can we get Desmond Howard or Lamar Thomas to replace him full time?

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