Meet The New Ball, Same As The Old Ball

December 11, 2006 – 8:10 pm by McD

In the dumbest sports sub-plot of the season, the NBA is going back to the old leather ball in January. Previously, we subscribed to the theory that David Stern is the smartest executive in sports, but after this one it’s hard to believe he’s any better than the Bud Seligs of the world. No one is mentioning that, despite the press coverage it got in the offseason and the supposed boost in scoring it has created. The new NBA ball was not only much worse, it showed that Stern wasn’t above changing some major part of the game on his watch. The new ball is/was his designated hitter. Okay, maybe Stern is smarter than Selig (et. al.) because he decided to get rid of it when everyone realized it sucked, and the designated hitter is still around … your move Mr. Selig.

In a related story, while doing a (very) little research, we came across this column about the ball switch from the beginning of November. It’s by a guy named Peter Schmuck. Yes, you heard that right, Peter Schmuck. We can’t decide what’s worse, the possibility that he chose that as a pen-name for his Balitmore Sun columns, or the chance that it’s his real name. If it’s his name, then he had no choice and we pity him for all the horrible jokes he must have endured as a kid. But if he chose it, then it might be the worst pen-name ever. But hey, at least it’s memorable. We’re gonna kick this one around for hours. We apologize in advance for your lack of productivity at work today.

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