We Can’t Understand Why People Hate The Raiders

November 8, 2006 – 8:03 am by Ryan Phillips

If you watched any of Monday Night Football this week – and judging by the ratings, you didn’t – you saw a horrible, boring, largely uneventful game. The 16-0 Seahawks win, which garnered the lowest television ratings in the 37-year history of Monday Night Football, featured one whole touchdown, 140 penalty yards, 37 stomach-turning closeups of Oakland Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan and 23 bold observations by the always astute Joe Theisman (we’re estimating on the last two).

But what would a game involving Oakland be without an on-field incident and some controversy. To that end, the game also featured one ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct. In a Raider game? Shocking. The culprit was Defensive End Tyler Brayton, and he broke Man-Law No. 1, don’t knee another guy in the crotch. Going by elementary school playground rules, I believe the victim, Jerramy Stevens, “gets a free shot” at Brayton’s junk at some point. Here’s video of Monday night’s incident:

We know several Oakland fans, and it just amazes us how they can’t understand why people don’t like the Raiders. This is the same fan base who, when insulted, don’t get mad, they get stabby. And they think everyone is against them. Um well if you constantly screw up and make a mockery of yourselves and your organization, yeah we’re probably not going to like you or your team. The Raiders have been a joke ever since losing Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. Since that game they’re 15-41, yet the team and its fans carry around the bravado of a defending champion. We’re kind of upset by this whole situation because we find ourselves actually agreeing with Joe Theisman who called the Raiders “a classless operation.” We’re scared that Theisman actually made sense to us. We don’t know what to think, but we’re sure enjoying the meltdown in Raider nation.

UPDATE: Art Shell has publicly said he doesn’t think a suspension should be levied against Brayton because he was only reacting to what Stevens was doing. Art apparently thinks Stevens tried to kick Brayton in the groin first (despite ample video evidence to the contrary) and thinks Stevens should get the same punishment as Brayton because “he initiated it.” We totally agree with Art here, we don’t know about you but quite often when guys doing their job and trying to block us out of a play we see that as direct provocation. Guys like that need to get kneed in the balls, they’re just asking for it.

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