Breaking (down) Brady Quinn

November 27, 2006 – 10:23 pm by Ryan Phillips

Well, in case you haven’t been paying attention I was at the Maui Invitational last week and in the interest of Karma, I ended up having to fly back on Saturday at 3 p.m. Hawaii time (8 eastern). That’s right when the USC-Notre Dame game kicked off. It’s a seven-hour flight to Chicago, so I had to rely on McD text messaging me throughout the flight to get updates (yeah I know it’s illegal and supposedly dangerous to have your cell phone on, but this was an important game). But, thanks to ESPNU I’ve now had a chance to watch SC’s 44-24 drubbing of the Irish, and I think it’s time to come out and say it: Brady Quinn might be the most overrated quarterback in NCAA history.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I’m a HUGE USC fan. I went to school there and though I graduated from Indiana, I’ve remained a loyal Trojan even through the Paul Hackett years.

Now bear in mind, I’m not talking about Quinn’s skill as a quarterback. He’s got a great arm, is accurate, has a decent head from what I’ve seen and is likely to be the No.1 pick in the NFL draft. What I’m going to point out here is that when hack broadcasters like Brent Musburger, Bob Davie, Tom Hammond and Lou Holtz expound on how much Quinn has accomplished in his career and how he’s etched his name into “Irish lore” repeatedly, they’re lying to you.

Here are the facts:
In four years at the helm of Notre Dame’s offense, Brady Quinn is 29-18 as a starter. Not too bad huh? Well, when you take out Stanford, BYU and the service academies that record changes to 18-17* (corrected from 17-18). That’s legendary?

Quinn has never won a bowl game (0-2) and has never beaten USC (0-4). And while he’s racked up tons of yards (11,614 career) and touchdowns (93 career) those numbers don’t mean much without big victories. Hell, Timmy Chang put up huge college numbers, but he isn’t considered an all-time great.

I looked long and hard for big wins in Brady’s career and found two. Both over Michigan. But he only threw for a combined 318 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions in those games. And the 2005 win was over a Wolverine team that ended up 7-5. To be fair, they beat an 8-4 Penn State team this year, which is a decent victory. And in 2004 he led the Irish to a 17-13 road win over a No. 11 ranked Tennessee team.

So that’s maybe four decent wins in four years? And he’s supposed to be a storied quarterback. If you’re not convinced that wins make great quarterbacks and want to point out Brady’s statistics here’s something to think about: People fail to mention how horrible he looked against Georgia Tech and UCLA this year, in games the Irish should have lost. In the Georgia Tech game he finished with a 79.5 rating, UCLA forced him into a 95.0 rating, and against USC last weekend, Quinn ended up with 48.9% completions and a 90.4 rating.

So why does Brady Quinn get tons of love heaped on him by the public? We think it’s because Notre Dame fans have been searching for a hero for so long that he sort of fell into the role. Things have been bad in South Bend for years and the notion of someone coming in to save the program has hung over the town for a while and Charlie Weis and his quarterback have both been labeled this way. And since Notre Dame fans know everything (just ask them) I guess broadcasters just joined in on the fun. That said, if Quinn didn’t play for the Irish people would be dwelling on the fact that he’s an incredibly talented player who has never become a big game player. But for some reason they don’t talk about that. Instead they call his losing performance against USC “courageous,” I call it awful.

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  1. 58 Responses to “Breaking (down) Brady Quinn”

  2. That first fact — 17-18 vs. everyone other than Stanford and service academies — is astounding. Nice piece, man.

    By Jamie Mottram on Nov 28, 2006

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more mr. irrelevant, that abysmal record speaks for itself. If you put consistent pressure on Quinn he will throw interceptions.

    I’ve said this before, but I’d take Chris Leak, Brian Brohm, JaMarcus Russell(especially) and Troy Smith over Quinn in a minute.

    The hype surrounding Quinn has a lot to do with Weis because of his relationship with Tom Brady.

    By Michael Tillery on Nov 29, 2006

  4. You’re an idiot. One key fact that you mentioned….he is going to be the number one pick in the draft. I guess you’re smarter than pro scouts?

    By Brad Swint on Nov 29, 2006

  5. Two words: Ron Dayne.

    By B on Nov 29, 2006

  6. ALSO: He’s damn good-looking! Isn’t that a major factor??

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  7. For whatever it’s worth, this season’s stats:

    35 TD, 5 INT, 63.4%, 3278 yds.
    65 yds. rushing, 2 TD
    Key Wins — Georgia Tech (9-3), Penn St. (8-4), Purdue (8-5), Navy (8-3)
    Opponents Combined Record: 75-64 (.54%)

    30 TD, 5 INT, 67%, 2507 yds.
    233 yds. rushing, 1 TD
    Key Wins — Texas (9-3), Penn St. (8-4), Michigan (11-1)
    Opponents Combined Record: 73-71 (.51%)

    And just for fun:

    Colt Brennan, Hawaii’s QB:

    51 TD, 9 INT, 71.9%, 4589 yds.
    4 rushing TD

    By Ryan on Nov 29, 2006

  8. I’m sorry Ryan but any time you count Purdue and Navy as “key wins” you’re pushing it. Look Quinn put up great numbers against one of the worst schedules in college football. Here are some examples: 3 tds vs. Stanford (1-10), 3 tds vs. Navy, 4 tds vs. North Carolina (3-9), 4 tds vs. Air Force (4-7), 3 tds vs. Army (3-8).

    The story would be if he didn’t put up the numbers he did. You really think if Chad Henne, Troy Smith, Chris Leak or John David Booty had played those cupcakes they wouldn’t have done as well?

    By Phillips on Nov 29, 2006

  9. Don’t let a statistical comparison of Quinn and the soon-to-be Heisman Trophy winner get in your way here, fellas. Having better stats than the trophy winner, AND being the most overrated player EVER? Sure.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  10. I don’t hold anything against ND-haters just because they hate the Irish. Everybody roots for some teams and against others. But I resent the people who don’t tell the whole story. Brady Quinn was forced into a starting role as a freshman on an otherwise dreadful team. His O-Line was pitiful and his team’s record was 5-7 that year. He should’ve been on the bench developing, and you can’t blame him for the team’s poor performance that year. Just look at Carson Palmer from your beloved USC–3 unimpressive years, including an 11-13 record as a redshirt sophomore and junior. In that sophomore season of 2000, he finished with 16 TDs and 18 INTs. Palmer’s career record in the 3 full seasons he started was 22-15, and that’s with a slew of Pac-10 cupcakes every season. Does that make him the most overrated Heismann winner ever? No, it just makes you an ignorant, biased douchebag who obscures the truth.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  11. What you’re missing is the fact that announcers didn’t routinely talk about how Palmer had had a “legendary career” at USC. And people didn’t fawn over him the way they do Quinn. And at least he won a few big games and a Heisman Trophy.

    By Phillips on Nov 29, 2006

  12. Are you serious? Palmer was talked about as one of the absolute greats in USC history. Maybe more’s said about Quinn, but that’s because of the NBC contract. Just because people have more televised opportunities to say Brady Quinn’s great doesn’t mean they’re suggesting he’s the greatest player ever, better than Palmer, or anything of the sort. The point is that this is just ignorant ND-bashing, plain and simple. I don’t know how you can possible argue that Brady Quinn’s not an excellent college football player, unless you’re either retarded or just refuse to acknowledge an ND player’s abilities. And I’m sure there are ND fans out there who’d do the same disservice to SC players, but those people aren’t worth paying attention to, either.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  13. Key Word….huge USC fan gives away everything. If you want to judge his career in all four years, fine, but be intelligent to realize that he didn’t mature until he had a decent coach come in. After that the leaps he made are tremendous and is well deserving of the number 1 overall pick in the draft. If Brady Quinn had the talent around him that the qbs have had at USC he would never lose. Brady played a great game vs. USC and the drops and fumbles are what made the difference in the game.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  14. Let’s also look at the facts that a) Weis left Quinn and the #1 offense in the game and throwing even during the 4th quarters of blowout games and b) Notre Dame has no running game to speak of.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  15. Palmer got nowhere near the pub that Quinn gets. He was on the cover of every magazine to start the year and even though the Irish have been a HUGE disappointment he somehow doesn’t get criticized. And blaming a bad defense or incompetent teammates is a cop out. When the Colts defense gets torn apart we all look at Peyton Manning and say he can’t win the big game.

    And as far as big wins go, Troy Smith dominated the Fiesta Bowl last year, won at Texas this year and beat Michigan 3 times.

    And I think the poster is pretty clear that Quinn is a decent quarterback, just not one of the all-time greats. Because he really isn’t.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  16. Maybe his win-loss record isn’t that great (although it’s ridiculous in my opinion to throw out the cupcakes because every team has cupcakes), but you act like he’s the only one in these games. His o-line has been atrocious three of his four years, and he has been forced to dig the team out of the holes the defense has forced him into.

    Also, someone commented above that “when pressured, he will throw interceptions.” Wrong. He was on the run much of the UCLA game, no interceptions. The line didn’t pick up one blitz at USC, no interceptions. John David Booty, on the other hand, managed to throw two at an atrocious defense.

    One of the best qb’s ever, you’re right, we’ll have to see. But he is hands down very good. And he does hold 35 (yes, 35) Notre Dame records.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  17. Brady had better stats than Troy?

    Troy threw 297 passes this season; Brady threw 432.

    Average yards per pass:
    Smith – 8.4
    Quinn – 7.6

    Average yards per completed pass:
    Smith – 12.6
    Quinn – 11.85

    Percentage of completed passes for touchdowns:
    Smith – 15.1
    Quinn – 12.8

    Statistically speaking, if Troy had passed as many times as Brady (432 to 299), and completed passes at the same percentage and yards per completion throughout, he would have passed for 3,647 yards.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  18. Forget being the most overrated of all time, Brady Quinn is not even the most overrated in his school’s history…folks, I’m talking about Mr. Ron Powlus.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  19. Brady Quinn deserves the Heisman

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  20. Can anyone tell me how Booty is #10 and so is Cushing???

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  21. The “Quinn has better stats than Troy Smith argument” holds NO weight.

    Troy Smith rarely sees the 4th quarter and is on a team wth a running game. 3 RBs get touches AND OSU often plays THREE QBs in a game.

    It’s hard to rack up the passing yardage when you are handing off 40 times a game and you dont play through the 3rd quarter.

    If Brady Quinn’s yardage makes him better than Smith, then I guess Timmy Chang is the greatest NCAA QB of all-time and guys like Drew Bledsoe and Vinny Testeverde are all-time great future NFL HOFers who are much better than guys like Joe Montana and Troy Aikman.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  22. Brady Quinn isn’t even the most overrated ND QB of all time. Did everyone forget Ron Powlus?!

    By Bouj on Nov 29, 2006

  23. Quinn’s sister looks like a tranny, enough said.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  24. Powlus was overrated coming in and some in his freshman year, after that people kept waiting for him to do something but he never did.

    As for the Cushing/Booty having the same numbers thing: it’s allowed as long as they aren’t on the field at the same time. A lot of schools have that nowadays because with walk-ons you sometimes get too many guys on the roster. So as long as it’s an offensive guy and a defensive guy who get paired up it’s fine.

    SC has a few other pairs like this, Mark Sanchez and Antwine Perez are both #6, Chauncey Washington and Vincent Joseph are both #23, Cary Harris and Vidal Hazelton are both #7, etc.

    By Phillips on Nov 29, 2006

  25. Thanks for the dual #10’s answer…I had never seen this before and hadn’t been able to find a sufficient answer anywhere, thanks phillips

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  26. You know you have a well written blog article when you get so many responses on both sides of the fence. Seems like you touched a nerve with some of these pompous ND backers. Keep it up and go Hoosiers!!!

    By Chicago Sports Wrap on Nov 29, 2006

  27. Huge ND fan here:

    1) Is Quinn one of the greats in CFB history? No. Never won the ‘big’ game. Sure he upset some people but never won like a Matt Leinhart or Troy Smith did in big games.

    2) Is Quinn in the top 2 of all time ND QBs? Absolutely yes. If you watched this team for the last four years you know that he is the most important guy on the field. Without him, under Weis we are probably a 7-4 and 8-4 team the last two years.

    The guy plays his heart out. Look at USc last year and this year. Without him we lose by probably 20 last year and 30+ this year. I understand you guys are USC fans and you bring up some good (and kinda funny) pts. but understand the perspective Irish fans are taking in defending him. To us, he’s the reason people talk about us again.

    By PM on Nov 29, 2006

  28. Quinn is overrated, and so is the entire Notre Dame team. The Irish will take a BCS bowl slot away from a more deserving team. Valentine’s Views.

    By Anonymous on Nov 29, 2006

  29. Valentine,

    The BCS bowls are not about “deserving” teams and to believe that is naive The only BCS game that is about “deserving” teams is the title game; the others are all about revenues and ratings, and that’s why ND will be in a BCS bowl, deserving or otherwise.

    By Anonymous on Nov 30, 2006

  30. ND will likely be in a bowl game because it is the best available team to go. Note that Wisconsin and one of the three SEC top 10 teams cannot go. While they may be more deserving than Notre Dame, the rules of the BCS exclude them. So it really has nothing to do with ratings or an ND bias. At least this year.

    By PM on Nov 30, 2006

  31. hard for brady to win the big games when he doesn’t have the team that leinart or troy smith had/has…the qb isn’t the only guy on the team, everyone has to do their job to earn the W

    By Anonymous on Nov 30, 2006

  32. I can’t wait to see LSU kick the snot out of ND. Maybe then we can get to the hypocrazy of ND for firing Ty Willingham and giving Weis a contract extension with identical records.

    By Anonymous on Nov 30, 2006

  33. Just to give an update, I’ve gotten a few emails from Domers complaining that BYU and Stanford were actually good teams when Quinn faced them and taking those wins out of his record doesn’t prove anything. So it’s time to break out some more numbers.

    In the 3 years Quinn faced BYU they were: 4-7 (2003), 5-6 (2004) and 6-6 (2005).

    And here are Stanford’s records over the past 4 years (ND played them every year): 4-7 (2003), 4-7 (2004), 5-6 (2005), 1-10 (2006).

    By Phillips on Nov 30, 2006

  34. “You really think if Chad Henne, Troy Smith, Chris Leak or John David Booty had played those cupcakes they wouldn’t have done as well?”

    I guess Quinn should have put up those numbers against Illinois, Indiana, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and Northwestern.

    By truth on Dec 1, 2006

  35. phillips, I think the domers’ point regarding Stanford and BYU (and Navy and AF for that matter) is that they are not worse than the bottom few teams of any other conference in the country.

    By truth on Dec 1, 2006

  36. “I guess Quinn should have put up those numbers against Illinois, Indiana, Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and Northwestern.”

    As an IU alum, ouch dude, ouch. You’re totally right, IU is a cupcake, but still, ouch.

    By McD on Dec 1, 2006

  37. you cannot hold quinn’s completion percentage in the usc game against him completely. there were at least 18 passes that hit the receivers in the hands that they did not catch. if the receivers had pulled in even half of those quinn’s completion % would have been a respectable 68% and the final score of the game would have been much different. i’m not saying they would have won because usc is a much faster team that the defense just could not keep up with but it would have been much closer. so don’t blame quinn, blame the receivers.

    By shouvley on Dec 2, 2006

  38. I see Quinn being similar to Drew Brees in College – great stats but on a less than great team. I think that for their program each is destined to be remember as one of the best, but not so much overall. When you compare him to Troy Smith . . . Smith is ask to do alot less for his team. Much better D and running game, thus, his performance is not as important. How does that play out for the heisman, I don’t know. I think Smith does win that, based on being on a better team and playing for the National Championship.

    By Anonymous on Dec 2, 2006

  39. dude u r so bias, u really think matt lienart would have won more than quinn if he played for the same ND teams, cuz if u do u r nuts. If Quinn was at the helms of the trojans last winter against texas they would have got that first down on 4th and one, cuz Quinn is a 6’4” 230 pound piece of grade “A” stud.

    By Anonymous on Dec 3, 2006

  40. No one went back to check Phillips’ math. That 17-18 stat is completely false. He is 20-15, and that is highly misleading, as he was 13-4 against all those teams in his junior and senior years.

    By Anonymous on Dec 3, 2006

  41. No, sorry 12-5 in the past two years against teams other than service academies, BYU and Stanford. And 18-17 is the number you were looking for, which is again highy misleading, as he posted a 2-7 record against those teams as a true freshman playing for a horrible Notre Dame team.

    Those numbers aren’t too shabby.

    But hey, as you’ve done in the past, when you can’t make a legitimate point to draw people’s attention, you might as well fabricate or lie. Seems to work pretty well for you Phillips

    By Anonymous on Dec 3, 2006

  42. 18-17 is in fact the correct number, I re-checked the paper I was writing on when I was calculating it and I had it correct and this was a typo. I’ll change it in the original post. And he wasn’t 2-7 against them as a freshman, I don’t know where you got that, or the 20-15 stat.

    He is 18-17 as a starter minus Stanford, BYU and the service academies. And my point was that against non-cupcakes he’s 1 game over .500. That says something.

    And I don’t make a legitimate point and lie? Since when? My point is legitimate. Quinn is a good quarterback whose college career has been overrated. You guys are the ones posting false facts. I corrected mine and am fully willing to admit if I’ve ever made any mistakes on here. Just point them out. Don’t just call me a liar because I point out that maybe your school’s savior isn’t exactly a legendary quarterback. Have some legitimate claims to back that up.

    By Phillips on Dec 4, 2006

  43. way to delete my last comment. You’re still wrong. Carlyle Holiday was the (awful) quarterback in the beginning of the 2003 season.

    By Anonymous on Dec 5, 2006

  44. Your statistics are way off.

    By Anonymous on Dec 5, 2006

  45. Was a comment actually deleted? Feel free to repost it, we only delete spam comments. If something else got deleted we apologize, try again.

    By Phillips on Dec 5, 2006

  46. Heres one for ya, u say Quinn hasnt acommlished as much as other ND QB or other college QB so hes not as good as them. Well according to long time ND announser and Former USC trojan QB Pat Haden during ND’s last home game, “Quinn’s the best ND QB I’ve ever seen!!!” I think hes got an inside view on them all since the 1970s. I’ll take his word over yours!

    By Hagan963 on Dec 7, 2006

  47. A homer-ish announcer’s view? Yeah, real valid point there. Quinn is no Joe Montana, never will be.

    By Phillips on Dec 7, 2006

  48. What I think impresses people about Brady Quinn is that he has put up impressive numbers while consistently leading the Irish to victories over the past two seasons. (Full disclosure: Grandfather was the manager for the 1943 National Championship team; brother went to ND, I got accepted but went to Georgetown instead. Still a big Irish football fan.)

    Over the past two years, the Irish are 19-5. Those 19 wins are the most over a two year span for Notre Dame since 1992-1993, when they had 21.

    Now you might claim that many of these wins were against inferior competition (which I will address in a bit), but the fact of the matter is that for the first time since the end of the Lou Holtz era, Notre Dame is consistently beating the teams it is supposed to beat.

    For example, the Irish beat three teams in 2005 that it had lost to in 2004-Pittsburgh, Purdue, and BYU.

    And a large reason they are doing this is because of the brilliant play of Brady Quinn.

    Quinn’s numbers for his last two years compare favorably to those of Peyton Manning’s last two seasons.

    Manning: 21 wins, 4 losses. 530 completions in 857 attempts for 7,106 yards. 62.135 completion percentage. 57 touchdowns, 23 interceptions.

    Quinn: 19 wins, 5 losses. 566 for 882, 7,197 yards. 64.15 completion percentage. 67 touchdowns, 12 interceptions.

    Nobody thought that Peyton Manning wasn’t a legend because he couldn’t beat Florida.

    Last season, the Irish set a modern day record in scoring per game with 38 and have averaged 32 this season. In almost 30 years of watching Notre Dame football, I have never seen the Irish be so successful throwing the ball as they have been with Quinn. I used to be surprised when a ND quarterback completed a pass-now I am surprised when Quinn doesn’t complete a pass.

    I also think that you are underestimating how Quinn performs in big games and how he performs under pressure.

    Against UCLA this year, the Irish got the ball back with 1:01 left on their 20, down by 4 and with no time outs. Quinn completed three passes in a row, including the game winning touchdown to rally the Irish to the win.

    The Irish were down by 16 against Michigan State this year midway through the fourth quarter when Quinn threw two touchdown passes to get the Irish into striking distance (they won it on an interception return).

    You malign Stanford, yet in 2005 they were leading the Irish with 1:46 left to play. Quinn went 3-for-3 on the final drive for 68 yards to set up Darius Walker’s winning touchdown.

    Of Quinn’s five losses over the past two season, I would argue that he has played great against USC in 2005 and against Michigan State, good against Ohio State, average against USC in 2006, and only really had a bad game against Michigan.

    In the 2005 USC game, Quinn ran for the go-ahead touchdown that put the Irish up 31-28 with two minutes to play. He wasn’t on the field when USC converted on a fourth and 13 and a couple of plays later scored the winning touchdown in the waning seconds of the game.

    In the 2005 Michigan State game, Quinn rallied the team from a 21 point deficit to send the game into overtime, where the Irish lost. He finished with 487 yards passing and five touchdowns, although he did throw an interception earlier in the game that was returned for a touchdown.

    I think he had a good game against Ohio State-29 for 45 for 286 yards with 0 INTs and 0 touchdowns. Ohio State’s receivers outclassed the ND secondary and Troy Smith made some key third down conversions in the second half-again, not when Quinn was on the field.

    I think what the USC and Michigan games showed this year is that Notre Dame is a very good football team who does not yet have the talent, especially on defense, to compete with a top 5 program unless everything goes right for them. Still, after the mediocrity of the past decade, I think the past two years have been a tremendous step forward for the program.

    BTW, Quinn’s record as a starter is 29-16. He took over as a starter for in the fourth game of the season (Purdue) of his freshman year in 2003. He went 4-5 that season, 6-6 in 2004, 9-3 in 2005, and 10-2 in 2006.

    I don’t see why BYU should be considered a patsy, since they beat ND in 2004. Notre Dame has beaten Navy 42 times in a row, but the Midshipmen are 35-14 over the past four seasons and traditionally give ND a close game every 2 or 3 years. As mentioned above, Stanford led Notre Dame late last season (though they were pretty bad this year.) Air Force is a decent college football program, although Army is not.

    Quinn has beaten Michigan in 2004 and 2005, Tennessee in 2004, and Georgia Tech (9-4), Penn State (8-4), Purdue (8-5) and UCLA (7-5, beat USC) this year. There is also another win over Tennessee in 2005 in what was admittedly a down year for Tennessee. Still, Tennessee is a major football power.

    It is certainly true that Quinn gets quite a bit of hype from broadcasters, and I will admit that he benefits from being a photogenic guy who plays quarterback for the Irish. I think I have made a strong case, though, that Quinn has earned most of his accolades.

    By Jonathan on Dec 8, 2006

  49. what the hell is wrong with you? he’s a great qb, he doesn’t do well under pressure, but who does? he is the no. 1 draft choice and he should be, he has worked hard to become a beloved qb. oh F.Y.I this year brady quinn was a Heisman finalist, no one from USC was, and no one from USC won an award at the College Football Awards.

    By Anonymous on Dec 9, 2006

  50. It is amusing to read the posts of idiots.
    Brady Quinn finished the season rated higher than the heimlich trophy winner Mr. (I am too short for the NFL) Smith.
    As a card carrying NFL alum, I can say with certainty that Brady will be laughing all the way to the bank while you airheads piss and moan about Notre Dame.
    He didn’t ask for any ratings in his career. Notre Dame did not spend 1 buck on promoting him for the Heimlich. The whole thing was a set up to make him look like an over rated failure. Even Charlie Weis told the press at before the Season that ND was not a championship team. Brady has had 3 coaches, and staffs and yet has never complained. All he has done is carry the team on his back and put up with the Bullshit from the press and people like you who don’t know which end of the football is the front.
    So, have fun with your comments, cause Brady will get the last laugh on all of us.
    NFL Alum Seahawks 76-82 Yes we were crappy then too. At least I have some good buddies like Steve Largent and Jim Zorn out of the deal.

    By Anonymous on Dec 10, 2006

  51. Just a little point here!
    Football is a team game. It takes 11 on a side to play the game.
    One player does not win or loose the game.
    Brady Quinn is first and foremost one of the most real people you will ever meet. He is also extremely intelligent (he already had his 1st degree in three years and will leave with two) and and outstanding leader and athlete.
    Did you know OSU, Penn State and Michigan were recruiting him very heavily? He only choose ND because his roomie and best friend was going there. He is from Ohio you know.
    He is the best athlete on the ND Team and has been among the best players they have had for the past 4 years. Put him behind the USC or OSU line and it would be lights out for an opponent. But when you are one player surrounded by slower, smaller, less talented team members, you are not going to shine. Half the time he was running for his life.
    He out played John David Booty in Stats but those dont win the game. The Team does. He didn’t kick the onside kick the should be the record for the suck kick of the year. He didn’t drop 7 passes, his team mates did.
    He led his team on a three play 80 yard march with 1 minute left in the game to beat UCLA.. Remember them Trojans? They kicked your ass right out of the national championship game?
    If he had not played his guts out, ND would not have the record they have today.
    Brady is a winner as a man, student and athlete. If you knew him, you would be behind him 100%.
    HE has the “it” factor and Charlie Weis disclosed last month that the pro scouts told him that Brady is the top college player coming into this years draft. Now let us see what happens.
    There are no guarantees. I for one
    wish him well.
    By the way, it is not Brady Quinn who has not beaten USC or won a bowl game in the four years he has been at ND. It is the poor team around him that has caused the lack of victories. One man cannot do it all By the way, how are the Arizona Cardinals doing? OHH, Matt Lionhart isnt winning. What is wrong him? Nothing, is the answer, he is surrounded by clowns not good football teammates. The same goes for Brady Quinn. So how about getting off his back and recognizing the talented good person that he is. Without him Notre Dame would be in the Toilet Bowl. By the way, the Navy is in bowl game for the and Tennesee who Brady and ND beat last year had to come from behine this year to beat the Airforce by 3 points. But we have to hear about the Academy teams. What about Michigan playing Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Bowling Green and that powerhouse Indiana and Oh yes Northwestern. Come on Biggots, let up.
    USC played the toughest schedule no question. However, Washington managed to win 4 games but got stomped by Stanford. So was that a toughie
    OSU has a Strength of Schedule rate 37th, Notre Dames was 36th USC was 3rd.

    By Anonymous on Dec 10, 2006

  52. Your an idiot

    By Anonymous on Dec 10, 2006

  53. good comeback u stupid D-Bag!

    Quinn is too hot for u to handle!

    By Hagan963 on Dec 12, 2006

  54. I’d just like to point out that by saying Brady isnt overrated youre simply saying that Notre Dame as a whole is largely overrated; which it really is. Have fun with LSU. 9 Straight bowl losses will be the new NCAA record. Talk about tradition…

    By Anonymous on Dec 30, 2006

  55. I think this is a Tom Brady vs. John Elway/Peyton Manning argument here. Peyton Manning and John Elway (for the first 14 years of his NFL career) were considered “big game losers” in the same way that Brady Quinn has gained this notoriety as a QB who can’t win a big game.

    But let me mention that have forgotten a few key statistics and numbers in your argument here.

    -There are 24 key players on a football team, the QB is only one of them.

    -Over the last two Notre Dame seasons, there has only been one four-star (out of five stars) recruit on the team, and that was Brady Quinn. I’d love to see the numbers of 4 and 5 star recruits that USC, Ohio State and LSU have on their team

    -Sure, you put constant pressure on Brady Quinn and he’ll make mistakes. But you failed to mention that if you put constant pressure on Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or John Elway or Joe Montana and they too will make mistakes and toss up some INTs. That offensive line of Notre Dame’s is downright pitiful, and so when they go up against the powerhouse defenses like Ohio State and LSU, Quinn is not going to have the necessary time. Have you ever heard the saying “game are won and lost in the trenches”? That is more deeply ingrained into football coaching than “good quarterbacks win big games” and I’ll tell you that you’ll likely find a lot more statistical proof backing that up than your argument that QBs are responsible for their defense’s play as well as how their offensive line blocks for them.

    You know what, let’s look at the NFL for a second, focusing in the teams that gave up the fewest sacks:

    1. 12-4 Indianapolis 15 sacks
    2. 13-3 Baltimore 17 sacks
    3. 5-11 Washington 19 sacks**
    4. 10-6 New Orleans 23 sacks
    5. 8-8 Green Bay 24 sacks
    6t. 13-3 Chicago 25 sacks
    6t. 8-8 NY Giants 25 sacks
    8. 14-2 San Diego 28 sacks
    9. 10-6 Philadelphia 28 sacks
    10t. 8-8 Tennessee 29 sacks
    10t. 12-4 New England 29 sacks

    Does this list look familiar? It should. Eight out of these eleven teams were in the playoffs. And all four of the remaining teams playing for the Conference Championships are on this list.

    **Washington ranked dead last in defensive sacks and surprisingly had the highest QB rating against. The offensive line did its job in the trenches, but the defense failed in that department, thus proceeding with a 5-11 season.

    So here, my point is that you cannot tack the losses in the big games solely on Brady Quinn’s back. His offensive line is the group who kept letting defenders through and into Quinn’s face. Brady Quinn is only one man on a team with 22 starters and football, more than any sport, is a team game. When your team’s talent is overmatched so greatly, how can you be expected to win?

    By Nobodyinparticular on Jan 21, 2007

  56. I love how Brady Quinn is referring to himself as “the most prepared quarterback for the NFL in the draft.” Most prepared to do what, get his butt kicked on a weekly basis by defenses far better than the ones he struggled against this year? If you ask me, JaMarcus Russell, Drew Stanton, Kevin Kolb, and John Beck are all better pro prospects than Quinn. He does great against the JV, but is crap against anyone with a decent defense.

    *As for the Stanford/BYU being left out of the stats, Quinn even managed to lose to BYU in 2004, the year their coach got fired for a ridiculous losing season. The score was 14-10. Yeah, Quinn’s a real winner.

    By Anonymous on Apr 3, 2007

  57. I just wanted to come back and laugh by ass off at Brad Swint for saying, “You’re an idiot. One key fact that you mentioned….he is going to be the number one pick in the draft. I guess you’re smarter than pro scouts?”

    Who is the idiot now, yardboy?

    By Trendon on Jul 31, 2007

  58. Only a usc fan would think that brady quinn is overrated, if not for reggie bush illegally pushing matt lienart into the endzone we would have won that game, and lets not forget that brady quinn never had the defensive talent nor the receiving talent that troy smith and matt lienart did. Also, peyton manning never won the “Big game in college either. What is USC and Ohio states records not including their cup cake teams? Forgot to mention that didn’t you!

    By irish fan on Jul 18, 2008

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