Bowden Out Gracefully

November 15, 2006 – 6:00 pm by McD

Apparently in the world of college football, nepotism wont save you from being canned if you suck. Florida State essentially fired Jeff Bowden as its football team’s offensive coordinator today. Okay, so he “resigned.” Whatever. This wouldn’t normally be news to us, even though it turned out another one of Bobby Bowden’s kids is a lousy coach. Luckily for the youngest Bowden, he got a hefty severance package and all he had to do was take amazing players and make them awful. Jeff got paid $537,000 to leave FSU’s players the hell alone. His offense averages just 25.9 points per game and ranks 65th nationally in total yards per game, 34th in passing yards and 98th in rushing yards.

He is obviously the fall guy for FSU’s terrible 2006 season and he probably deserves it. Their offense has been anemic at best. And given the level of talent FSU has accumulated during his five years on the job, they obviously should be much better than they are. Bad news FSU fans, Bobby’s losing his touch. He can still reel in quality talent, but he’s not coaching ’em up anymore. Admittedly, it doesn’t help that Lorenzo Booker is a colossal bust and that the quarterback position has been forever cursed by the ghosts of Dan Kendra and Chris Rix. But, there’s no argument that Florida State simply isn’t developing talent at the skill positions like they used to.

Some of you may not know who Dan Kendra is. If not, just picture the ‘roided out guy from The Program or read this article, this article, and this article. That’s Dan Kendra. Also notice in the first article how Chris Weinke’s name is casually dropped there. That’s right, there was a point when FSU’s career passing yardage leader was gonna back up a guy named Dan Kendra – who ended up as a backup fullback.

You all probably know who Chris Rix is, but this is a hilarious article on him.

Our point is this: Bobby Bowden can’t run his program like he used to. It’s possible he’s been carried by his assistants all along, only we never noticed until his assistants aren’t as good at their jobs as former assistants like former defensive coordinator and current NC State head coach Chuck Amato and former offensive coordinator and current Georgia head coach Mark Richt were. We aren’t saying he should be fired or resign before he’s ready. Florida State fans just need to adjust their expectations for the next few years, especially if the team’s next OC isn’t Bowden’s heir apparent as head coach.

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  2. Ok, as an FSU alum I think it was a coup by the FSU Boosters. (Hey Jeff, we have an offer you can’t refuse …) And they paid him off because they couldn’t get Bobby Bowden or the AD to fire him. Do I think FSU will continue to be mediocre at best for the next few years? Definitely. Bobby Bowden does need to go, although on his terms. Then the fan base and boosters, etc can stop sucking on the teet of this living legend. The game goes on, with or without Bobby Bowden.

    By Anonymous on Nov 16, 2006

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