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November 8, 2006 – 8:21 pm by McD

Some of the stories that caught our eye today:
The Padres hired Bud Black to replace departed traitor-errrr manager Bruce Bochy. Two-thirds of us here knew the Padres hire would be underwhelming no matter what. But to be fair, Black is the least-underwhelming choice. We were fully prepared to be Pirates fans if the Padres had chosen Dusty Baker too. Thank God that’s off, because I was looking for a Humberto Cota jersey all day and those things are hard to find.

The Padres also traded rookie second baseman Josh Barfield to Cleveland for prospects, including uber-hitting prospect Kevin Kouzmanoff. This move makes no sense of any kind. Barfield was only a rookie last season, hit eighth for most of the year but was still a productive player. Forget the fact that he’s only 23, has incredible range and had a .987 fielding percentage, here are his stats on offense: .280 13 hr, 58 rbi, 72 runs, 21 stolen bases. The problem with this deal only trades one hole in the Padres’ roster for another. Now who will the Padres put at second? And they still need to work out deals for a left fielder and starting pitcher. This isn’t like when the Padres traded Jason Bay for Brian Giles, but it’s still pretty bad.

In other baseball news, shiny new Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington has hired his old boss Art Howe to be his bench coach. No, this isn’t a link to an article from The Onion. We were wondering what Art was doing during his hiatus. We managed to narrow the possibilities down to construction worker, mafia enforcer, and ice cream truck driver.

31 year-old teen soccer phenom Freddy Adu is scheduled to train with English super club Manchester United beginning November 18. We’d have more to say here, but frankly it was only a matter of time before he was strongly courted by the major Euro clubs. As long as he delivers for the national team for three world cups, we don’t care where he plays or how old he really is.

Lastly, in getting-Ohio State-hoops-fans’-hopes-up news, freshman behemoth/Indiana traitor Greg Oden says he may stay in college beyond this year despite his eligibility for the NBA draft. Or at least, that’s what this article wants them to believe. Oden isn’t actually ever quoted in the story. Instead, teammate Mike Conley Jr. says it’s a possibility the uber-frosh will stay. In other words, Ohio State fans should stick to what they know best: football and masturbating in public libraries.

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  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I am that they are trading my fave player, Josh Barfield. so sad.

    By brittany on Nov 9, 2006

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