Sit White, Start Witten, Stay Classy

October 30, 2006 – 10:22 pm by TheBaker

So I’m at Pacers’ practice today working on a story (yes, I have a real writing job) about the team’s rookies, Shawne Williams and James White.

I conduct my interviews with the two young fellas, and even chat with White about fantasy football.

White is a big Dallas Cowboys fan, so we talk about last night’s game and I let him know how big that Jason Witten touchdown (his first of the season) was for my team’s chances of winning.

White provides me with some nice in-depth info about the Cowboys and Witten’s rising value to my squad and why I should think about giving him some looks over L.J. Smith.

“The switch to Romo is going to help you,” he said. “They won’t keep Witten in to block as much any more. With Drew Bledsoe at quarterback, they had him as an extra protector, but now that Romo is in there and he can move around, they have Witten running routes again.”

Hmmm, good analysis Mr. White, that is very insightful. If basketball doesn’t work out for the artist formerly known as Flight 75, he can become the next Mr. Roto. I guess I’ll keep Witten around after all.

Unfortunately for my new Pacers Fantasy Football liason, today was the day the team had to get down to the league limit of 15 players.

Thirty minutes after I part with White, Rick Carlisle comes out and addresses us media drones. A despondent Carlisle, who stops to talk with us before heading to the airport to attend Red Auerbach’s wake, let’s us know which two players he’s cut. And in a surprise move, James White is among the cuts.

“I feel like I got put in a great situation here in Indiana and it’s a great system, great organization, great city for me to prove myself and become a good player,” he said 30 minutes prior to axe time.

Here’s hoping White, who can recite all the lines from Anchorman and Talladega Nights, lands on his feet. He’s always good to keep around for a slam dunk contest or two.

The last words James White spoke to the media as a member of the Indiana Pacers:

Me: So how do you like living in Indianapolis?
JW: It’s straight.

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