Our Favorite Raving Lunatic Is Apparently Not Dead

October 4, 2006 – 1:36 am by Ryan Phillips

In a move that was expected by most in the blogging community, LSUoverUSC (aka Fraser Babineaux) has once again posted on his blog. Apparently someone hacked into Fraser’s site a week ago and posted a message claiming he had comitted suicide. To all of our relief (wait it’s relief when you find out someone you love to make fun of is still alive right?) he is not dead. In fact, he posted a message explaining it was the work of hackers and that he is still alive and healthy. Well, i guess he’s as healthy as an unemployed, OCD-riddled freak in a deep depression can be. Then he even followed it up with a claim that ESPN was lying in order to promote USC. He doesn’t give a reason for this conspiracy theory but I’m sure that somewhere in that cosmic skull jelly between his ears, it makes sense.
Read the note about his “death” here and read his explanation here.
All we have to say is Fight On Fraser!

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