O.J. Simpson: Still Making USC Proud

October 21, 2006 – 12:14 am by Ryan Phillips

Some of you might have already heard about this story but we had to address it. O.J. Simpson has reportedly signed a $3.5 million deal to write a hypothetical book about the 1994 double murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Simpson was acquitted of all charges in the case, but the book will describe the killings in detail. The book is tentatively titled “If I Did It.”

So he’s innocent and looking for the real killers but trying to make a few bucks by retelling what might have happened (wink, wink) at the scene. Right. Oh and in my favorite part of the story, O.J. has decided he will not give any of the money he makes from the book to the Goldman family. To avoid paying the Goldmans Simpson will “spend it all quickly.”

I’d call him a scum bag, but that would be an insult to actual bags filled with scum.

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  2. i love you ryan. you make life worth living.

    By katy on Oct 21, 2006

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