Ichiro Fight Super Happy Time

October 4, 2006 – 4:10 am by Ryan Phillips

Ok so this video really needs no explanation but basically back when he played for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan, Ichiro slid home and spiked the catcher. Then this happened and it might be the worst baseball fight ever. I’ll give them points for trying but the Japanese could really learn a thing or two from American players.
Now I don’t speak Japanese but I think I overheard this:
“I’m gonna push you!”
“Well go ahead!”
“I will!”
“Do it!”
“Ok then!”

I don’t know what the announcer is saying but I’m pretty sure it’s hilarious. By the way, does anyone know if Japanese baseball players actually make those sound effects when they play, or were those added by the production department? Because there’s nothing that would please me more than hearing Fernando Seguignol (now of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters) sound like he’s jumping for a mushroom in Super Mario as he slides home.

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