He Then Spent The Next 12 Hours On The Toilet

October 11, 2006 – 7:14 pm by McD

Here on Rumors and Rants we cover the entire sports galaxy. And when we say all sports we mean things that aren’t even sports. Like professional eating. A world championship was up for grabs at the State Fair of Texas and they were looking for some one brave enough to consume as many peppers as possible. That man was, shockingly, a Philadelphia Eagles fan.
Richard “The Locust” LeFevre is the world champion of jalapeno eating after he ate 247 peppers in eight minutes. He won $2000 for his efforts, which comes out to just over $8 a pepper. We don’t want to diminish such an auspicious achievement for mankind, but a guy who eats 247 peppers in eight minutes is only a step above the guy who hammers nails into his nose and the bearded lady. Philadelphia should really embrace this guy because it’s the only way anyone wearing an Eagles jersey will ever be a world champion. Said another contestant: “there’s nothing like putting yourself through a lot of pain for no reason.” We agree.

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