Eric Gordon Reportedly Headed To Indiana

October 9, 2006 – 1:58 am by Ryan Phillips

After months of rumors and speculation, we have confirmation from a source inside Indiana Basketball that 5-star guard Eric Gordon will attend Indiana University. Gordon, the #2 player in the class of 2007 has been committed to Illinois since November 28, 2005 but has apparently been wavering on that decision since Kelvin Sampson was hired to coach the Hoosiers in April.

Thanks to a former day job, we have a few sources inside Indiana Basketball, one of whom confirmed this story. We were hesitant to post it because apparently now you can get 18 months in jail for using an anonymous source (and in prison they’d pass guys like us around like currency) but we decided it was worth it.

“Eric has been looking at IU for a long time and originally thought the coaching situation was so messed up there that he ended up committing elsewhere. Once coach Sampson was on board he’s been really excited about the chance to be a Hoosier,” our source said.

Gordon had been on the IU campus numerous times since April and even brought in AAU teammate and good friend Derrick Rose with him the weekend of Sept. 2. Rose, another 5-star guard, is the #3 prospect in the class of 2007 and our source says Gordon is now committed to convincing his pal to join him in Bloomington (though recent reports have Rose sold on Memphis).

“Eric wants to be closer to home so his parents can come see him play every game, and he takes a lot of pride in Indiana Basketball. He wants to be a part of returning the Hoosiers to glory.”
He will reportedly sign his letter of intent during the early signing period, which begins on November 8.

Gordon attends North Central High school in Indianapolis, the same school as current Hoosier (and 2003 Indiana Mr. Basketball) A.J. Ratliff. Ratliff and other Hoosiers contacted would not confirm or deny the report we received.

Just to clue you in a bit, this is a solid source. He tipped us off to all the details of Mike Davis’ resignation two weeks before it went public and we feel confident reporting anything coming from him. That being said, we could not get confirmation of it, though if you pay attention to what people around college basketball are saying, this report would fit right in with that chatter.
Man, I bet this will really piss off the guys over at

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  1. 34 Responses to “Eric Gordon Reportedly Headed To Indiana”

  2. Mr. Sampson is a very dirty coach. Sanctions will soon be all over the Indiana basketball organization.

    By MaritimeTix on Oct 9, 2006

  3. and a credible source told me that your credible source is smoking crack.

    By hammer14 on Oct 9, 2006

  4. Though it’d be really funny if we used homeless crack addicts as sources I’m sorry to say that is not the case.

    By Phillips on Oct 9, 2006

  5. I have the same information. But unfortunately I am also hearing that deals were made, money was exchanged.

    By Jon Bradley on Oct 9, 2006

  6. I don’t know anything about money, or favors. One thing our source did mention is that Gordon’s AAU coach may be brought into the fold as an assistant. But that’s far from actually happening.

    By Phillips on Oct 10, 2006

  7. This will leave a big brown spot on your organization. If they go, the backcourt will be great…but it will all catch up, always does.

    By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2006

  8. This guy is dirty. You dont roll into Big Ten ball with a dirty rep and pull 2 of the top 3 ballers in the country, one that committed…unless there is incentive. Being close to home? Maybe. But what he saw in Weber and Illinois is what triggered his committment. He wants what Weber gave Dee, Deron, and Luther. Thats the best 3 man backcourt in the NCAA. Whats changes a decision like that? Money…in whatever form they may be offering it. “I want my Daddy to see my games” doesnt cut a decision like that. If this coach had some prestigious reputation for winning, treating kids well, and being a top 5 coach, then yeah, this could all make sense. But he doesnt. I grew up loving IU ball…. this dirt changed that all. I hope their final four banner, that theyll most likely get with rose and gordon, gets ripped off the rafters like it did at michigan.

    By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2006

  9. I’m Sorry.I must have missed something somewhere.Isn’t coach under sanctions for too many phone calls(legal now),I don’t remember anything about him giving Money to anyone.So it’s wrong for a Kid to growup wanting to play for Indiana,but not for Mike Davis…I’ve been an IU Fan for…welll lets say along time,I didn’t enjoy Mike Davis’s IU teams either,so I can understand his change of mind.
    As for Weber,what has he done thats so great,don’t tell me about Dee Brown & those guys..they didn’t win anything,I’m sorry they won the Big Ten..did they go un defeated,No…Win the NCAA….No…So what has he have to go with this…I know,he was an Assitant for Gene Keady…did he win any thing????

    By Coltsnut22 on Oct 10, 2006

  10. What has Illinois / Weber done? In the short 3 years Weber has been at Illinois he’s done a lot. He turned great talent into great athletes. Luther Head was mediocre at best until Weber stepped in. He was the first coach since the 50’s to win the Big Ten outright in his first 2 years at the helm. They won the Big Ten Tournament twice, they lost only 1 game in 2005’s regular season, went to the Championship.

    Here are some things IU has failed to do in those same three years: compete for the Big Ten Title, make it to the tournament 2 of the 3 years, make it to the Sweet 16, ya know… the basics of a good program.

    By WallyNews on Oct 10, 2006

  11. If Gordon jumps to Indiana, everyone in the country is going to think Sampson did something under the table. You want to tell me Gordon didn’t know about the coaching situation before he committed to Illinois A YEAR EARLY? Yeah, right… He knew they were going to get rid of Davis soon, he just didn’t know they were going to bring in somebody who could offer him more incentives.

    By JC on Oct 10, 2006

  12. First of all there is probably not one single coach in the country under a more intense microscope with the NCAA right now than Coach Sampson. Because of the phone calls at Oklahoma every move he makes is scrutinized by the NCAA and any other Johnny come lately with a computer that thinks he is an expert on NCAA bylaws, mostly IB’ers pissed off that Gordon may want to stay home and play for the school he grew up loving because we have a much better coach. What is so freaking hard to believe about that?

    Last time I checked Indiana won 5 national titles and is still one of the most nationally recognized programs in the country. What has Illinois done? Not much. In the last ten years we have achieved virtually the same level of success, each going to a final four under a coach who won with the previous coach’s players.

    Quit your crying and know your place in the Big 10. We can’t help it that now that we actually have a great coach the best players in our state want to take a second look. The Gordon’s initiated this whole process with Indiana anyway and have done very little publicly to stop it. They could have told Indiana to bug off anytime they wanted to but they didn’t. Now that Self’s players are all but gone Illinois and BAM (not Bruce Almighty but Brutha’s a ‘mo) Weber can resume their rightful place at 4th or 5th in the Big Ten while we reserve our God given place at the throne, where we belong.

    By Paul Black aka Mr. X on Oct 10, 2006

  13. This whole little charade here is complete BS. What this all comes down to is: this is some mouth-running kid, who signed up for a free Internet blog and is posting eroneous information. This “confidential source” is complete fiction.

    I’ll tell you what’s really going on. “phillips” is some guy who peruses all the various recruiting Web sites and message boards. He read the recent rumors that Gordon is really swaying toward Indiana (some are calling it 90 percent IU, 10 percent Illinois), and he is reporting this preemptively without any sources so that his blog can earn some street cred.

    That’s it. That’s all this is.

    Just for fun though, I’ll shoot this thing to shit just a little more. In a previous post he says that Sampson might hire on Gordon’s AAU coach, which is Mike Conley Sr. Yeah, that’s right, the father of the Ohio State point guard, Mike Conley Jr. So you mean to tell me, that after Conley Jr. left his home state to go play for OSU amid all that drama, that his dad is going to go coach at Indiana – the very school his son turned down.

    This is all bullshit, quit giving this joker hits on his blog…

    By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2006

  14. Just to clarify, the coach who may be brought in is the head coach of Mean Streets Express, Reggie Rose (Derrick Rose’s brother), not Spiece Indy Heat’s coach Mike Conley Sr.
    Gordon played for Mean Streets Express for most of the last year and grew really close with both of the Rose brothers.
    And also to respond to the above allegations, I don’t really care if this blog has “street cred” or not. It’s a sports blog, not a rap album. It’s fun and I like doing it but it’s a side thing. I have a day job in the sports writing world, so I really couldn’t care less if this thing takes off or not.
    That said, thanks for reading.

    By Phillips on Oct 10, 2006

  15. You may be right about Gordon playing for Mean Streets, but if Regie Rose was indeed going to be a member of the IU coaching staff, then wouldn’t that entice his little brother to come to IU just a little bit? You say that he is sold on Memphis, but logic would only bring me to conclude that he’d want to follow his older brother.

    AAU coaches are also widely considered to be self-promoters who don’t know the game very well. I don’t think Sampson would want anything to do with that even if he did have a spot open for another coach.

    I’m sticking to my story, though. I believe Gordon is going to end up at IU, but I don’t believe any of this. The quotes sound made up. And even if they aren’t, they sound like they’re from a coach or a player, and with the way the NCAA polices things, no coach or player is going to comment on a recruit. Especially not to some guy running a blog.

    By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2006

  16. I’m absolutely fine with you having that opinion, but you’re wrong. I’m just telling you what I’ve been told and has been confirmed by several independent sources.
    Also, the Rose thing is something that has been discussed, but like I said is a long way from actually happening.

    By Phillips on Oct 11, 2006

  17. That being said, we could not get confirmation of it

    But then you say:

    I’m absolutely fine with you having that opinion, but you’re wrong. I’m just telling you what I’ve been told and has been confirmed by several independent sources.

    Has it been confirmed or not? Within 3 postings, you’ve lost credibility. Nice job.

    By J on Oct 11, 2006

  18. Oh give me a break! Sampson isn’t under that much heat. honestly. Miles brand is a IU alum. You can’t tell me that he didn’t clear Sampson and let iu know taht he’d be fine and so would the program if they hired him. The NCAA is getting worse by the day with Miles.

    Sampson is a dirty coach and should NOT have gotten the IU job. Lets see i’ll get some viloations on me and then that will be good enough for me to get one of the most prestigious jobs in the nation! bullshit. IU is just gonna drive themselves into the shitter.

    As for gordon going to IU. More power to you. You would be so much more at Illinois then Indiana. Someone tell me who Sampson has put in the nba. going once going twice…. yeah didn’t think you could come up with anyone…. wonder why….

    Go ahead throw your nba potentail down the drain with sampson and iu. Weber could take you to the next level. win big ten titles, ncaa titles. but if you’d rather go to indiana and suffer the way the program has for the past 5 years under davis…. Then go for it.

    By Anonymous on Oct 11, 2006

  19. Confirmation has come since the original post.

    By Phillips on Oct 11, 2006

  20. Confirmation has come since the original post.

    Very convenient. However, many will choose to disregard your information, if only because the “confirmation” you were desperately seeking in the original post wasn’t mentioned except for an offhand statement in the comments.

    By J on Oct 12, 2006

  21. “J” really I’m just reporting the information I have, whether people choose to believe it or not doesn’t really matter too much to me. After the original post went up we’ve been flooded with emails from all kinds of people, some credible, some less than credible. The digging we’ve continued to do has confirmed the original post several times over.

    By Phillips on Oct 12, 2006

  22. According to the Chicago tribune
    Gordon will be at Indiana’s MM.

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  23. “J”, you’re an idiot

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  24. I’m an idiot because Gordon goes to IU? Ha! It’s a 50/50 shot, genius. Phillips took IU, and guessed right. That doesn’t make him credible, and that doesn’t make his nonsensical approach to this story any more believable.

    By J on Oct 13, 2006

  25. According to an article in todays chicago tribune gordons father said finally for the record that he is going to iu and that he spoke with Bruce Weber testerday saying he would not honor his verball commitment to illinois but instead attend I.U.

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  26. “J”, you’re still an idiot… poor guy, you don’t even realize it either… Do you?

    Phillips, thanks for the great reporting!! It appears that the facts are in, and you were correct. Keep up the good work!

    And “J”, still an idiot.

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  27. The difference between Indiana fans and Illinois fans is that when IU misses out on signing a recruit they look at their own program to determine why it happened.

    Illinois fans start blaming everyone else. And start talking about some conspiracy theory.

    Grow up boys. Gordon is going to Indiana because he is from Indiana. Now that Mike Davis is gone it’s going to be a lot harder for an outside school to steal recruits from the state. Get used to it. The state of Indiana is the Mecca of basketball. The tradition is something that someone from Illinois will never be able to understand. Illinois has a good program. Too bad it doesn’t have good fans.

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  28. Now that Mike Davis is gone it’s going to be a lot harder for an outside school to steal recruits from the state. Get used to it.

    Jeff Teague.

    By J on Oct 13, 2006

  29. Phillips,

    Great job reporting. Any word on
    Rose coming to join Gordon?

    By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2006

  30. It’s a long shot for Rose. He and Gordon are close but Rose is pretty well sold on Memphis from what we hear. But hey, Eric has about 3 weeks to change his buddy’s mind.

    By Phillips on Oct 13, 2006

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