Charlie Weis Is Upset, Fat.

October 25, 2006 – 4:55 pm by McD

Notre Dame head coach and part-time Cookie Monster Charlie Weis took time out of his day today to complain that his team has been unfairly ranked in this week’s AP and USA Today college football polls. He’s particularly upset that Tennessee and Florida are both ranked higher than the Irish because UT had “the same game we had” (against Alabama) and Florida had a bye week. Want to know why they’re ranked ahead of you Charlie? Easy. They’re both better than your team. But Page 2 author DJ Gallo said it best.

Take a look at the box score from Notre Dame’s nail-biter with the UCLA Bruins from this past Saturday. Everyone who counts in the Irish offense seems to have had a decent game, no? But anyone who watched that game in person or on television knows that the Irish looked terrible for all but 40 seconds of that game. A couple of us Rumors and Rants staffers were actually at this game with a friend of ours who happens to be a UCLA alumnus and we saw the “real” Fighting Irish offense. Quinn was bouncing passes left and right and actually being booed by the fans. UCLA pressured and harrassed Quinn and the rest of the Irish offense the entire game, except for the final minutes when they put a leash on their pass rush and cost themselves the game. Darius Walker looked awful and was routinely taken out on third and short. It wasn’t until Notre Dame was forced to pass every down that they started completing passes, which is why Quinn’s stats seem decent.

What happened in South Bend last Saturday has been Notre Dame’s MO since the Lou Holtz era: get as easy a schedule as possible, play down to the competition, and enjoy the artificially high ranking the press always hands out to Notre Dame. Notre Dame’s schedule is easier than Auburn‘s and that’s saying something. At least Auburn plays in a tough conference. If Notre Dame were in the Big 10 or the SEC, they’d go 7-5 every year. Notre Dame plays all three service academies this year! AND North Carolina! AND Stanford! But they get away with it every year because they play USC. Yeah, yeah they played close with USC last year. So did Fresno State and Arizona State. But no one hears them crying.

Which brings us to an aside: Notre Dame has the worst fans in all of college sports. They have a fan base spread out all over the country who, for the most part, didn’t go to Notre Dame. College sports is different than professional sports. If a person did not attend the college they root for, then that person is guilty not only of front-running, but being a complete idiot. To wit: we observed several Notre Dame fans (with families in tow) asking for directions on ND’s campus. Touchdown Jesus is right over there, guys. That stadium was dead silent for the most part until Notre Dame took the lead late. We’ll say it again, if you didn’t go there, you cannot root for the team.

We don’t ask for much here at Rumors and Rants. But please, stop pretending that Notre Dame is a legitimate title contender. Usually championship teams play defense and don’t play down to their competition. Notre Dame was a fourteen point favorite at home against an unranked team and still was 66 seconds from losing. A win’s a win, but Charlie Weis and Notre Dame “fan” should not be surprised if the pollsters say that two teams from a power conference who play decent schedules should be ranked above a team that consistently plays down to its sub-par competition.

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  1. 41 Responses to “Charlie Weis Is Upset, Fat.”

  2. After further consideration—unprintable.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  3. Sagarin’s SOS currently has Notre Dame at #15, ahead of Tennessee (#19), Auburn (#28), Texas (#47), Clemson (#88), West Virginia (#92), etc. We beat GT, now 5-2; Penn State, now 5-3; Michigan State, now 4-4; Purdue, now 5-3; Stanford, now 0-8; and UCLA, now 4-3. Our only loss is to a team that is now unbeaten and ranked #2. So what you seem to pass off as informed opinion is incompetent at best. Did you “study” writing with Ann Coulter?

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  4. is this guy for real? u have to be a student or allumni to be an ND fan? wow thats an amazing assumption but far from true…how about girls who attend women colleges such as St Mary’s…they cant be football fans? as far as your rant about SOS ND’s is better than every SEC team minus florida and apart from michigan and florida better than ne one elses in the top ten thus far…

    dont worry you dont have to explain yourself…probably just another guy who hates and is jealous of ND…i am not even a notre dame fan i attend USC!!!(deep down a nebraska fan however) oh wait def better not say that i would be an idiot wouldnt i

    for the rest of you redneck idiots who hate ND simply because they are ND get a life and besides your national hatred opinion is what makes ND what it is…i am sure the ND fans secretly thank you on the inside…

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  5. I actually think someone who didn’t attend Notre Dame can be a fan if they grew up in South Bend or have relatives who went there or even the St. Mary’s example works. But honestly half of the people in the stadium this past saturday were bandwagoners who left after UCLA stopped them on 4th and 1. The stadium was barely 60% full for the comeback and people sitting around us were yelling about how there are too many fair-weather Notre Dame fans.

    As for the strength of schedule argument, just wait 4 weeks, the Irish will be in the 60’s at the highest. All 3 service academies? that’s a joke. Can you really say you’ve beaten any top tier teams? And you have 0 impressive wins. You should have lost to UCLA and Michigan State if both teams wouldnt have crapped the bed, and Georgia Tech could have gone either way. So stop acting like you’ve been a dominant program, that’s just not the case.

    By Phillips on Oct 26, 2006

  6. The poster who said “just wait until the next four games” in regards to ND’s SOS oviously doesn’t realize that Notre Dame plays USC at the end of the year which will offset any drop in SOS caused by the next four opponents. Also, I did not go to ND, I graduated from and am currently working on my masters at a small school that does not play football. But I guess I’m stupid for rooting for a school that has an incredible football tradition, an excellent academic record, and a smart intellectual fan base. By the way TN barely beat Air Force so I would be careful putting down “all 3 service academies”. Maybe next year ND can play N. Texas or NIU. I’m upset that I posted, I normally avoid morons like the author of this article because when you argue with a fool people have a hard time distiguishing who is who.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  7. If you don’t think ND should be a National Championship Contender…then why write an article on why they aren’t? Why not write about how OSU and Michigan could possibly play twice this year? You know you’ve arrived when people constantly have an opinion about you.

    By Bobby on Oct 26, 2006

  8. Anonymous:

    We get it. You root for Notre Dame. Congratulations. Despite that they are at best a second tier team. And Weis will not win a National Championship at Notre Dame. Since the last Irish win with Holtz the way we crown champins has changed dramtatically and no team outside of a conference will EVER win a championship again. It doesn;t have to be fair-and you don’t have to like it – but you do have to live with it.

    Now go stroke a camel.

    By Critical Sports Blog on Oct 26, 2006

  9. Notre Dame fans whining? No way!

    By Trooper on Oct 26, 2006

  10. It’s either Notre Dame or root for my DIII alma mater.

    And that ain’t gonna happen.

    By C.W. on Oct 26, 2006

  11. Well said. Thanks for putting in writing what the rest of us who arent golden domers are thinking. This is a school that is perpetually overated and overhyped. The only problem with this is the article should have been titled “Charlie Weis is Fat, Overated, and Upset.”

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  12. first time i’ve ever read your blog. this was a decent enough article until your aside about bandwagon fans. i would like to know what you think about those of us that didn’t attend college. are we required to completely ignore college sports, and pretend as if they don’t exist? you see i have been an avid univerity of illinois fan since i was around 5 yearts old (well avid probably didn’t fit until my teen years when i was actually able to watch and appreciate sports). just curious if i am a bandwagon fan or not. oh, and since a large majority of the united states dos not hold college degrees, i wonder if any college sports would be on tv without the bandwagon audience????

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  13. Just because some of ND’s opponents have not lived up to preseason expectations does not a weak schedule make, my friend. Michigan, GTech, Michigan St, Penn St, Purdue and USC are no pushovers. You also have no conception of history. When schools like Michigan, Ohio St and all you redneck “colleges” in the south did not allow catholics to play when football caught on, catholic (particularly irish-obv.) flocked to ND and built the program. THAT is the masses of Irish and Catholics alike identify with Notre Dame. check yourself, boy

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  14. I’m a Notre Dame fan, and I’ll agree the team is overranked this season.

    Of course I didn’t go to the school, so I guess my opinion doesn’t count.

    Notre Dame’s schedule is considered weak, yet they play Michigan, USC, Georgia Tech, Penn State–all teams that were either ranked when we played them or have been ranked at some point this season.

    Michigan and Ohio State still get to play Illinois (where I went to school) Indiana and Northwestern, yet nobody bitches about their schedule.

    Nobody’s complaining about West Virginia being ranked so high, and they get to play the entire Big East conference.

    Of course Notre Dame only gets these complaints, cuz they’re the team everybody loves to hate.

    By Fornelli on Oct 26, 2006

  15. You went to Illinois and you’re a Notre Dame fan? That is beyond lame. And people always wonder why Notre Dame and their (largely) bandwagoning fans are disliked.

    By Craig on Oct 26, 2006

  16. whats wrong with rooting for your DIII alma mater?

    i think the reason why this rant was created is because charlie weis just sounds like a whiny bitch. notre dame gets more unfounded respect and perks than any other D1 CF team. you can argue the teams in the SEC, but really you’re just wrong.

    weis’ bitching for preferential treatment in the polls is not only ironic–from their play this season, it appears they are fortunate to even be that high–it is ignorant. weis clearly demonstrates that not only is he an arrogant domer, but he doesn’t have the capacity to gauge “success” in college football. DJ Gallo really hits the nail on the head.

    while i disagree with your sentiments regarding rooting for college football teams (what if you didn’t have the grades to attend ND but lived just outside South Bend, like Rudy before he’s accepted?) you are dead-on with the weis stuff. what an asshole. i think he should thank tom brady every single day of his fat existence.

    By Felix Vanlandingham on Oct 26, 2006

  17. This author is a moron, knows nothing about college football. The irish have a killer schedule every year. The so called poll voters always shaft Notre Dame. Weiss was just telling the truth

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  18. You’re right, people who aren’t alums of a school shouldn’t root for them. I’m sure that all of the people who root for Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa State, Florida, Florida State, Michigan State, Penn State, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennesee, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Virginia, are all proud alumni. Seriously, a great, great point.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  19. Behold what a “60% full” staduim looks like to phillips:

    where is everybody?

    hey phillips, where were you sitting, the Rose Bowl?

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  20. More 60% fullness

    Getting tired of being made an ass of yet phillips?

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  21. Any school that still won’t shut up about a guy that coached before electricity is by default irrelevant. Go boo some black coaches.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  22. Anybody else notice that Charlie Wies is fat?

    Cause that’s just wrong.

    Next thing you know, we’ll find out he’s a Pope-worshiping Catholic.

    Damn him, damn him to hell.

    And does anybody have those “who you are allowed to root for” rules handy? There’s a few games this weekend I’m a little iffy about, and I don’t want to get in any trouble.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  23. Any school that still won’t shut up about a guy that coached before electricity is by default irrelevant.

    Joe Paterno?

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  24. Charlie Weis is hilarious…. bitching about ND getting the short end of the stick…. Um, ok. No complaints about your recruiting tool known as NBC (I swear, watching those broadcasts is what watching German propoganda films before the 1936 Olympics must have been like), or the fact that ND gets to a BCS Bowl with a top 8 BCS finish, even if worthier teams are ahead of them.

    Yes, ND’s loss was to the number two team in the land…. by about 30 points… at home….

    Give me a break. ND plays a cake schedule (I dont care what Sagarin’s abacus says), wins Heisman Trophies because of their name, and stays away from conference play because they know they could never go 10-2 in the SEC.

    By Sportscaster Mark Nagi on Oct 26, 2006

  25. Thank you so much for writing this. This anti-Notre Dame rant was well overdue. If I hear anything else about Rockney or the Four Horsemen I think I’ll throw up. By the way, isn’t there a rule that lets Notre Dame play in major bowls with a certain number of losses, just because they’re Notre Dame?

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006


    Hey phillips, did it ever occur to you that when people go to a football game, they sometimes bring CAMERAS? And sometimes they even take PICTURES?

    Odd, that.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  27. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  28. gee, where did phillips go?

    I’ve got more “60%” pics if he still wants to stand by his lie.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  29. that might have been the most moronic article i have read in a long time. you’re an idiot. grow up, peter pan, toys r’ us kid, worry about what team you root for is doing. yes, expectations might have been high this year for ND, but when you’re the biggest name in the sport, that generally happens. it’s pointless to argue with ND haters, because no matter how good ND is, the argument will be the same. i’m looking foward to hearing this same crap even when ND wins a national championship…

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  30. What you’re missing is that Weis was joking and laughing with the AP reporter when he made that statement. I read an article by someone eviscerating Tom Coyne for leaving out the tone of the exchange, and the subsequent jokes, and making it sound like a while — the rest of the conversation, if you read the transcript, makes it clear that Weis not only doesn’t think ND will contend, but doesn’t think it SHOULD contend.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  31. Tally since 1994:

    Times Notre Dame has won a bowl = 0

    Times Notre Dame–she of the “tradition” and “integrity” the rest of the nation should envy–has been put on NCAA probation for major infractions = 1

    Kim Dunbar

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  32. I don’t agree that you have to go to a school to root for it (I root for Syracuse because I grew up in Rochester), but Notre Dame fans by the same token shouldn’t be extolling the virtues of what holy ground South Bend is and what rich tradition from Knute Rockne to Michael Stonebreaker Notre Dame exudes. You can’t pick the team that has the tradition already and then pretend to be part of it.

    But Notre Dame is routinely the most overhyped sports institution in the country. That’s including the Yankees, the Cowboys, the Celtics, Duke, whoever. I don’t give two shits how full or empty the stadium was. Notre Dame fans are the most irritating lot I’ve known. They have always gotten the benefit of the doubt: from rankings to bowl games they don’t deserve, to national TV network contracts that NO OTHER SPORTS TEAM HAS! It’s as if they are some sort of barnstorming all-star team and the whole nation is mesmerized by them. Not true.

    The fact that Charlie Weis (a fat, uncharismatic former offensive coordinator who got a stomach-staple to look more “head coach-like”) got so much fanfare shows how the school has always hijacked college football news. If the same man went to UCLA or Boston College or Texas A&M, we’d be asking who he was.

    Oh but all that tradition! I think the bitter retorts from Notre Dame fans on this very post show that they think they are cut from a different cloth and immune to criticism. This post is valid because it highlights the hypocrisy of the most artificially propped-up university in America that still chooses to play the victim.

    By Bill on Oct 26, 2006

  33. Has anybody ever endeavored to check out whether the “ND gets higher TV ratings than everyone else” claim is true?

    I have. And it’s not. Old Notre Dame, participants in the 13th and 21st highest rated (out of 32 total) BCS games ever. I guess people don’t like watching charity cases after all. And that says nothing of the awesome 2.9 they pulled in the Bowl in 2004.

    People think Notre Dame is special for the same reason that Paris Hilton is famous; just ’cause. There’s no substance there. Johnny Lujack’s not walking through that door, Domers. And it looks like he’s not watching on television, either.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  34. Notre Dame won’t get respect until they join a conference. Plus the NBC coverage sucks!

    By PROUDEST MONKEY on Oct 26, 2006

  35. Has anybody ever endeavored to check out whether the “ND gets higher TV ratings than everyone else” claim is true?

    Could you please link to at least a couple of places where that is claimed, Mr. Strawman?

    Incidentally, there is this thing called the “regular season”. How you can look up a decade or so of bowl games and claim that proves anything regarding how ND does on TV is beyond me.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  36. Notre Dame won’t get respect until they join a conference. Plus the NBC coverage sucks!

    Yea, playing in the Big East or ACC would REALLY improve their “respect”.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  37. While I don’t agree with a lot of this post I have to say phillips is absolutely right when he says people were leaving early. I’m a long time Notre Dame season ticket holder and this happens all the time. When UCLA stopped Quinn on 4th and 1 with about 2 minutes left, there was a mass exodus to the exits from every section but the student section. Then after we scored to take the lead, the people all rushed back into the stands to celebrate. The push to get back in was so massive that after the game ended we had to wait to get out because there were so many people pushing their way back in.
    While I wouldn’t say it was 60% full (more like 80) there were a ton of fair-weather fans leaving early to beat the traffic. It pissed me and everyone around me off. Even my wife was yelling about it.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  38. I was at the game too. And while I saw the normal amount of people leaving early, it was nowhere near 60 or even 80%. If they all came back in to celebrate, as suggested, then they must be clairvoiant, because all those pictures of the final drive showed a full stadium.

    Also, given the small exits and poor crowd flow, it would be impossible for 16,000 people to get back into their seats that quickly.

    People leave early from games. It happens everywhere. For phillips to out-and-out lie like he did to bash ND is inexcusable

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2006

  39. None of this has any validity, nor should anything on this blog be taken with a grain of seriousness.

    What it boils down to is: these guys are a bunch of California homers who love USC and UCLA. Why else would they have a two-loss San Diego Chargers team at the top of every NFL power rankings they publish?

    Plus, they act like they’re the first people to raise these accusations toward ND fans.

    Irish fans = annoying, Buckeye fans = worthy of an act of terrorism

    By Anonymous on Oct 27, 2006

  40. Read this if you need further proof.

    Also, anonymous, we have the Bears as our top team, not the Chargers, the Chargers are no.5, which is right around where most power rankings have them. As for who we are fans of, I can honestly say, I am not a UCLA fan.

    And saying our arguments aren’t valid because 2/3rds of us are from California, is moronic. Yeah, it has no validity, that’s why (as you say) so many people have brought up these points.

    By Phillips on Oct 27, 2006

  41. I live in South Bend and have for 10 years. This guy IS RIGHT, 110% RIGHT. I can’t stand Notre Dame fans. Half of them are hillbillies who can’t read or write and the other 40% are rich folk from Granger (the town next to South Bend) who have nothing better to do with their time than sound popular by saying “Yea, we were at the game…”. The other 10%, those are people who actually attended Notre Dame. If you aren’t jacking off over their team, they want you dead. Horrible sportsmanship and so fake. If anybody ever asks me what I hate about living in South Bend, that’s always my answer. People from South Bend blink twice and then start talking about how great Notre Dame is, like Notre Dame equates to God. People who are from ANYWHERE ELSE, understand completely what I’m talking about. Just my two cents. =)

    By Anonymous on Jul 18, 2007

  42. says your pain is moderated by previous national championships. Dennis Franchione is just as bad and needs to be fired immediately!

    By on Nov 5, 2007

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