Other Yankees Say A-Rod Sucks At Life

September 20, 2006 – 6:15 pm by Ryan Phillips

According to this article the Yankees, specifically HGH guinea pig and overrated first baseman, Jason Giambi. The formerly (and probably still) ‘roided up brother of Jeremy Giambi, urged Joe Torre to “get tough” with Rodriguez because of his current struggles. Yankee fans and apparently teammates have repeatedly complained that A-Rod can’t get the big hit and makes Bill Buckner look good in the clutch. That, despite these numbers, .286 34 home runs and 116 rbi.
In a Sports Illustrated article on newsstands now, Giambi is quoted as saying Rodriguez has a “false confidence” and that Torre should “stop coddling him.” And apparently Giambi approached A-Rod and challenged him to step up his play.
Here is the exchange that followed:

“We’re all rooting for you and we’re behind you 100 percent, but you’ve got to get the big hit,” was his message to A-Rod, Giambi told SI.
“What do you mean?” was Rodriguez’s response, Giambi told SI. “I’ve had five hits in Boston.”
“You [expletive] call those hits?” Giambi said, according to SI.
“You had two [expletive] dinkers to right field and a ball that bounced over the third baseman! Look at how many pitches you missed!
“When you hit three, four or five [in the order], you have to get the big hits, especially if they’re going to walk Bobby [Abreu] and me. I’ll help you out until you get going. I’ll look to drive in runs when they pitch around me, go after that 3-and-1 pitch that might be a ball. But if they’re going to walk Bobby and me, you’re going to have to be the guy.

Now I’m not a big fan of A-Rod and frankly I hate the Yankees but Jason Giambi is the last person who should open his mouth about disappointing people. Look man, just because you get standling ovations for every third inning homerun you hit now, doesn’t mean you can rip a guy that’s having a rough time. Look if Jeter wanted to come out and say it I’d be fine with it, he’s earned that right, but how many World Series titles have they won since Giambi stabbed the A’s in the back and moved to New York? Ohhh that’s right, zero. And people who say that A-Rod gets crap because he’s making $25 million, well Giambi is making $20.4 million and here are his numbers: .250, 36 home runs, 109 rbi.

So Jason, until you pick that average above Corey Patterson’s, shut up and keep taking ridiculous curtain calls.

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  2. Jason Giambi accusing anyone of being false anything is so ironic that it’s not ironic anymore. I bet Tom Verducci fell out of his chair during the interview and had a coma-dream about his Pulitzer.

    By McD on Sep 20, 2006

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