LSU Fan Finally Loses It

September 25, 2006 – 3:14 am by Ryan Phillips

Well it has finally happened. The well known “LSUoverUSC” guy – whose three year crusade to prove LSU was the sole college football national champion in 2003 was both pathetic and stupid – has gone off the deep end.

Identifying himself as Fraser Babineaux, the die hard Tiger fan stated that he will no longer be championing his cause and shutting down his Web site because it has made him spiral into a deep depression. Check out his site here if you want to laugh your ass off. Among the many gems he gives us, this ranks near the top, “My therapist says that the only way I can recover is through putting an end to writing messages on forums and on this blog.”

Mr. Babineaux also reveals that he suffers from professionally diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder (shocking!). And he finishes his final post with an inspirational message:

“May the lessons of a life wasted be learned by all of you who read this. The world is a big and marvelous place. Get out there and enjoy it. Don’t let life pass you by.”

So he’s not just bat-shit crazy, he’s bat shit crazy with a touch of OCD on top. I bet this guy is a joy to hang out with. You just know he’s one of those guys who gets a few drinks in him and starts ranting about the same shit over and over again. You’re trying to pick up girls and all of a sudden he breaks out with, “No, you guys don’t understand, Matt Mauck, Michael Clayton and Joseph Addai are far superior to Matt Leinart, Mike Williams and Reggie Bush. Just put them on the same field, I swear, LSU wins, bank on it.”

Incidentally, now that I’ve read this tragic tale, I promise not to dedicate this blog to how Nikolay Valuev is the only legitimate heavyweight champion … but to say otherwise is heresy dammit!!!!!

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  1. 5 Responses to “LSU Fan Finally Loses It”

  2. USC true champs in 2003 season

    By Anonymous on Aug 15, 2008

  3. Long Live the Truth of LSUs Dominance!

    Death to Lee and other USC terrorists!

    By xgeniusx on Jan 21, 2010

  4. Who’s that beefcake in the picture?!!!

    By OCBuckeyeBabe on Jun 7, 2010

  5. I miss LSUoverUSC. He was right about USC all along

    By cigarcigar on Aug 24, 2010

  6. LOU is a real American Hero.

    By Dr._Drock_for_OSU on Aug 24, 2010

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